Thursday, 13 September 2012

How Times Have Changed

This week has been an interesting one for me.  After feeling the highs on the weekend of being a winner at the finale and being humbled by the kind words of many on the night and on Facebook, forums and twitter since, I was then faced with the reality of coming back to work on Tuesday.  Add to that the horrible thought I might have had a gain, which actually turned into a 600 gram loss and has me sitting at 27.6kgs lost in total in 15 weeks and almost half way to my goal.  I can’t wait for next week now.
This was also the start of a new chapter in my working life as I was starting a new role, well actually only an expansion to my current role, but it did see me taking on managing another team and doubling the size of my responsibility.  Whilst this has not worried me it is an interesting time at work with this new team going through a period of transition and there being a little bit of the unknown for them and myself.
 Whilst I have never considered myself one to get stressed at work and have always felt that I handle pressure quite well, the last couple of days have been interesting and I have seen a few things in myself that I know are different.  The increased workload and expectations from the new business have been immense.  There have been numerous issues that have needed urgent attention and I have been the person they have expected to fix it, whether this is my area of expertise or not.  Add to this I have 9 new staff that are also wanting guidance and assistance and you would think that this is a time where some people might fall off the wagon and fall into old habits.  Well that would have been me to a degree in the past.  It might have meant that I would go home and have a bottle of wine to relax, which would obviously be accompanied by some crappy food after dinner.  With my new outlook this is not the case and today I was sitting at my desk being bombarded by emails, phone calls, meeting requests and staff issues and all I was thinking about was how I will be going home and doing a workout and planning what I wanted to do tonight.  WHO IS THIS MAN????

I am very proud of myself for not reverting back to old ways and part of this has to be attributed to my mindset change from the weekend.  The feelings that coursed through me on the weekend and the high I experienced, plus the extremely kinds words from Michelle Bridges on stage have sparked a fire in my belly.  I want to experience that again.  I mentioned to my wife this morning that I want to be up there again taking it all in.  It is like a drug, a healthy drug that I somehow need to have again.  I would not say I am addicted to be in the limelight, but knowing that people are genuinely happy for me, for what I have achieved and the effort I have put in, is something I wish everyone could experience.  I now know that if I want to have any chance (and it will be extremely minimal 2 rounds in a row) I need to work my backside off so that the numbers and transformation make it hard for me not to be.  If that happens and I still don’t make it up on stage in Sydney, I will still be a winner as I will be a lot healthier and happier than I have ever been. 

So looking at that I am trying to work out whether or not I am addicted to the thought of being on stage or addicted to the thought of being a better version of me, either way it will get me to the point that I will be loving the new me for the effort put in.  I can’t believe the change one good weekend away can make to someone, but in the right environment with the right people it can be amazing.  Hate to think what I will be like after a week away in Bali with the wife come mid-October.  Now to go home and smash out a toning workout that will have me stiff sore and hurting tomorrow rather than a bottle of pinot grigio.


  1. Congrats on not falling back into old habits. It is testament to how far you've come mentally in the past 15 weeks. Well done!
    Marney :)

  2. Thanks Marney. It does feel good to beat old demons. Not sure the hamstrings and glutes feel the same about it this morning though.

  3. Congrats on your win, your blog and your persistance and consistency. You've got what it takes and you truly are an inspiration :)

  4. Thank you Camilla for the kind words. I don't consider myself inspiring but if my little ramblings help others I am very happy and humbled.