Thursday, 11 October 2012

Recharging the Batteries.

Recharge the batteries.
This post is being done from sunny Bali. No weight lost this week but not an issue in the grand scheme of things. What is he talking about you may ask, especially when this blog is about my weight loss journey. Lately I have mentioned that I have felt a bit flat and tired. I think this has had an impact on the amount of weight I have or haven't lost. I have felt like the energizer bunnies poor cousin, full of batteries that you pick up from the $2 shop and only last a couple of days. Part of this is due to me not being well and still getting over bronchitis, but a lot of it also is because of the two rounds rolling straight into each other. This is something that I am going to have to deal with especially with round 4 starting straight after this round, which I will be continuing with.

Now I am in no way complaining about this, no one is making me sign up or pay my $$ and I am going to be a Michelle Bridges convert for the rest of my life with the great results I have achieved, but at some point we all need to take a step back and look at how we are travelling and also understand how this journey will be best travelled by us. For me this is with a holiday. Now I am in no way saying that by leaving the country the 12WBT is out of sight out of mind. This is my life now and nothing changes with a time zone. I just need a week away to put my crappy batteries in a charger, not log into the forums or my numerous Facebook groups and just have some me time with my wife. This holiday is a test of sorts. I will indulge in a number of drinks during the week, but the biggest difference will be the fact that we have packed just as many pieces of workout gear as we have normal clothes. We have even packed our cycling knicks and helmets. I have never even contemplated that for a holiday before. I plan on doing as much walking as possible and will be doing a session of exercise everyday.

As Michelle said in one of her live videos, when on holiday you have no excuse not to exercise because you have no time constraints like you do normally at home. Add to that I have no children this holiday either so get up everyday and JFDI.

Well today started with us being awake at 5:30am still being on Melbourne time, so we got up and headed out for a walk at 6:15 and turned on the GPS and tracked that we walked 5kms. We then had breakfast and decided we would check out the local area some more. This ended up in a further couple of kms being walked before we decided to head to Kuta for some shopping and a visit to the memorial for the bombing. The 10th anniversary is in 2 days but we don't want to be there then, so we paid our respects today. We then proceeded to walk a further 10 kms shopping and sightseeing and also sweating our bits off. Yes we indulged in a couple of cold Bintangs and a wonderful lunch, but made up for it with a swim this afternoon. We have decided that every morning will be a walk and/or a visit to the fitness centre but tomorrow will also involve a 1 hour massage and a bike ride for a couple of hours.

Yes we are on holidays, but this is our new sort of holiday where physical activity is a big part of it and we embrace it and are loving it. When I come back here in 6 months time I will be close to goal if not there already, fit ripped and loving the new me.

I apologise for any poor formatting in this post but it is a killer trying to do it on an iPhone poolside.