Friday, 27 September 2013

Big Wheels Keep on Turning…..Until the Magpie comes Swooping

This week has been a lot quieter than last, by a long shot, but what has been pissing off this week.

Organised to go for a long ride Sunday morning, be back in time for Julie to go for a ride also…..No FFS

Julie decided to change the times we went on Sunday so she could include 2 friends riding with her….FFS

She was late leaving and a lot later coming back…..FFS

Instead of going for 4 hours they were gone for 6 hours…..FFS

It pissed me off at the time, not because they were taking extra time, but because I had no idea what was going on……FFS

The managed to ride 70kms though which was great as this was the longest ride for one of our friends……No FFS

I managed to get out for my ride and did 75kms in 2:55 which was what I had hoped…..No FFS

I was swooped by a friggin magpie AGAIN whilst riding along the highway……FFS

I hate these birds, but even more whilst travelling at 35kms next to trucks doing 100kms….FFS

I hated that I also had the speed wobbles up whilst trying to get the magpie away and stay on my bike……FFS

Must have looked like a right dick to the drivers…..FFS

This had me on edge for the rest of the ride whenever I saw any bird flying near me for the next 55kms……FFS

Managed to spend some quality time with my wife over the weekend trying to get through a few of the 240 dvds we came home from Bali with…….No FFS

Sadly that included a few too many white wines, homemade hummus and other naughty items….FFS

Bought a new pair of running shoes on Monday much to my wife’s disgust…..No FFS

Took them for a run on Monday night (new flat foot style shoes, no heel/toe drop) so need to get used to them……No FFS

Decided on Monday night that I needed to mix up the training a little as per my last post, so did some weights on Tuesday night…..No FFS

Until the Mozzies decided to feast on me that is…..FFS

I hate these bastards as much as I hate magpies……FFS

I managed to finish off my fundraising for the Ride to Conquer Cancer rides, which means I have now raised over $16K this year…….No FFS

I can now help Julie finish her fundraising for Adelaide……No FFS

If you want to donate to her ride please do so here.....No FFS

She only has $618 to go.....No FFS

This will mean that in 2 years we will have raised over $31K between the 2 of us……No FFS

I am very proud of our efforts and how this will be used to help find a cure for cancer…….No FFS

Work is a bit frosty at present with a number of changes being made and a few people being made redundant……FFS

No idea what this means for me, my department and area of the business……FFS

The universe smiled on me on Wednesday and provided me with the most pristine day to allow me to ride to work and home again.  68kms done, 1500 calories burnt……No FFS

The next day it bucketed with rain and blew a gale. Thank god I wasn’t planning on using the bike then…..No FFS

Decided to tackle the weights last night, which I really enjoyed, but after doing some lunges I felt a twinge in my glute, which I haven’t felt before.  It has now moved into my lower back……FFS

Grand Final weekend is always a special one for us, but Julie has to work…..FFS

I will spend it at home with my kids, having what they call a football party……No FFS

Finish the weekend off with a bike ride on Sunday for a few hours…..No FFS

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Must have looked like a right dick to the drivers…..FFS

    bahahhahhaah ahh man you are to funny!

  2. Hey mate, sorry I have not been about of late, been doing my own personal challenge of late.

    Greg I would just like to say that you are an absolutely Inspiring person, someone who gives so much of himself and does not ask for anything in return. I love what you do, I love why you do it, I love how you go about it and I love you.

    Thank you so much for being my mate and I am and will always be here for you and support you in any way that I can. I hope to be more able bodied to do just that.

    Take care, I always read your blog and I always get so much from your honesty, keep doing what you do and keep on being you, because you my friend a great.