Friday, 4 October 2013

The Good the Bad (not as much) and the Ugly…..

This week has been an interesting week to say the least but thankfully a lot more No FFS this week.

Copped a friendly bollocking off a very supportive friend for being negative with my FFS post…….FFS

She is a superstar and always trying to bring the best out of me and had some interesting points, so I was grateful for her input and perspective…..No FFS

I decided that I needed to look at things differently as to where I was at with my training and weightloss, so wanted to mix it up a little with all of it……No FFS

My Saturday training sessions included things I hate doing, burpees, mountain climbers, and I brought back the lunges (never hated them, just hadn’t done them for a while)…..No FFS

Managed to get out on Sunday morning for a bike ride (just a quick one) but love being out on my bike…..No FFS

Huge win here because I had a chance to sleep in and almost took it, but knew I should be out on the bike so JFDI……..No FFS

Got swooped by another f&*king magpie…….FFS

Man I hate those friggin birds with a passion.  3 times in 3 weeks is a joke……FFS

It had my heart rate sky high for the entire ride as it was only 1km into my ride and every shadow I saw after that had me on edge……FFS

Monday night saw me on my spin bike (not as good as my roadie, but I can at least watch telly) and smash out 904 calories in 54 minutes……No FFS

Wednesday night saw me miss my planned run due to me shitting myself about being swooped by magpies……FFS

I have a real problem with these bastards now. Starting to get a complex……FFS

Yesterday I found out that I was in the new Michelle Bridges book…….No FFS

Until I found out one of my photos was of me in my undies………FFS

At least it wasn’t my original photo, which would be very scary…….No FFS

I also found out that there were heaps of my 12WBT friends in the book and one of my training partners…….No FFS

Arrived home to find that I had been sent a free copy of the book…….No FFS

Flicking through it to find that there were more friends in it and followers of this blog…..Woo Hoo……Huge No FFS

Last night Julie said she wanted to do some weights……..No FFS

This was her first real weight session and whilst she cursed me for what I made her do, she never stopped. I was so proud of her and I think she surprised herself…….No FFS

Found out today that my cycling team captain has to have a bone marrow test to see if he has cancer…..FFS

I hate this fucking disease……FFS

Just highlights the reason my teammates and I ride……..No FFS


  1. Hey
    Congrats for being in Mish's new book. How did you get a copy? I want to buy it but it doesn't seem to be on sale for another month yet.
    p.s. I don't think anyone likes magpies :(

    1. Chelsea, it isn't on sale until 20th November but I believe she has sent copies to all of the people in it prior to release. I also assume this is to allow it to be sold at the finale in Sydney on the 9th November.

  2. Hi mate, just to be clear and for the record I hate those swooping mongrels as well.

    Congrats on being in the book old son, I hope it inspires people to get healthier but I mostly hope it raises awareness of you and your friends hard work in fighting cancer and that it translates in to more funding for you to all continue what is a truly selfless and beautiful thing.

    I will do my small part as I can and will ramp it up when I can, I have some plans to do voluntary work with children who have cancer. I need first off to recover fully and then work out the logistics as I am a fair distance away from the hospital and then there is all of the family and work stuff. I know I don't need to tell you that, you and Jules are probs experts by now. I just want to make sure I am in a position to give it my full attention as you know I just can't let people down.

    I was thinking of our journey together over the last 2 years and how we have always been there for each other and done so with only ever meeting on a hand full of occasions. It's fairly special a friendship like that as I recover and get stronger and get more free time, I am going to make an effort to connect with you more, you are one of the only people that I truly trust. I see honesty and compassion in your eyes and one day mate you and I are going to do something special.

    What's my little rambling got to do with this blog, everything as it is a long winded way of saying, Greg Leitch is AWESOME!

    1. Thanks Mate!!! You are pretty awesome yourself in the way you give constantly whilst battling your own issues.

      Keep fighting the good fight and yes we will do something big one day. Might even tackle the Kokoda trail together. You need a bit of toughening up i hear.