Saturday, 4 March 2017


Not sure if anybody actually still checks this blog, which I can't blame you. I have been very inactive of late.  My life has been very different over the last few years from when I started this blog. 

When I started the blog I was in an amazing headspace, well so I thought.  I had an awesome audience and enjoyed sharing my thoughts with everyone. Then being made redundant from my job kind of threw a spammer in the works. I became a business owner, started my PT business and changed perspective. I should have kept writing but focused more on a website than sharing my thoughts here. Seems I didn't do a good job of either. I am a better blogger than web developer.

So I have started up a new blog but it is dedicated to one of my other passions. Running. As many will know, running became a big part of my weight loss and fitness regime. I am now an accredited run coach with Athletics Australia and want to share my thoughts and opinions on running, weight loss, body image and health with everyone through my new blog, so hopefully you will jump over, check it out and maybe even follow that one. It will still be written like this, not a super heavy running data/technical blog because that just isn't me.  

I hope to see some of you there.

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