Friday, 15 February 2013

Take it Whilst you Can……

It has been an interesting week for me to say the least.  Heaps of red flags and moments of CBF and it is not even the end of week 1.  Well, I am happy to say that it did not beat me and I have decided that this round has to be it.  I was determined to smash it this round, but watching the finale presentations on Saturday night confirmed it for me.  I want this more than anything.  What do I want you might ask?  I want the weight gone!  I want to be fit and healthy! I want to be able to wear clothes off the rack! But most importantly I want to be happy and know that I have given 100% for this round.  If I do that I might just be near my goal weight.

So this round started and I had the horrible task of getting up before 5am and catching a flight to Sydney for the day.  I took some snacks with me but was not able to prepare for lunch as I was on the road visiting customers.  I had a fruit salad at the airport which was horrible, along with a couple of cups of black tea.  Sushi followed for lunch and some salad at the airport in the QANTAS lounge with approx. 4 bottles of water during the day.  All going well so far it seems.  I ended up getting home after 7am and felt horrible.  I was tired, it had been a long day but two flights in one day is tiring in itself.  I had not exercised for the day and thought that my round was going to start with a crap first day.  I came home and changed and decided stuff it.  I went for a run.  It wasn’t far, it was only 2.5kms but it was a training session and proves that if you want to really do something, robot mode and JFDI really can work.

I had also not weighed myself so jumped onto the scales to a huge shock.  I had put on 4kgs over the weekend it seemed.  I know I had my own little party at home whilst Julie was away at finale, but really????  Julie then reminded me that being in the plane will have retained some fluid and it will soon drop away.  But what was I to do about the weigh in.  Oh well I guess I record that figure.  Rest of the week has been very good, I have eaten clean, trained hard and kept the water up, so when I jumped on the scales on Wednesday morning and it showed me a 4.4kg loss I nearly started laughing.  I was hesitant to post it in the forums and facebook groups, but what can I do about it.  When I did I was told to just accept it and make the most of it.  I know it won’t always be like that but I am happy to say that the last 2 days the scales have kept showing a downward spiral.  I know people say you shouldn’t weigh yourself every day, but I do a couple of times a day.  I like it, it keeps me on track and it shows me how different things can impact your weight loss.

I also completed my fitness test which I haven't really bothered with the last 2 rounds but I know if I am completing everything including the weekly challenges it means I am focused.  Managed a 5:22 km time trial which I was a little disappointed in to be honest, but I know I can improve.  4:15min for the wall sit, which I am happy with but not near my best and a 1:21min plank, which I will be working on.  I want to be like Heidi (aka tioughmudder) and smash out a huge plank. Maybe not like her 11 mins in Brisbane but I want to be able to do 5-6 which she has always done.

So it is almost 1 week down, I am glad I am back in the swing of things and need to keep this focus to ensure it happens for the full 12 weeks.  We are off the grog this round, even when we go to Sydney for our anniversary, so I know if I can maintain that focus there is no reason why I can’t replicate what I did in Round 2 last year and that meant a 24.5kg loss.  I need that this round, so look out, here comes the shrinking man.


  1. WHOO HOOOOO You're going to SMASH IT!! I have no doubt about it x

  2. Leitchy you are one of the most inspirational and rock solid fellows I have had the pleasure of npmeeting. You *WILL* smash this round and I will look forward to seeing you and Julie at the Melbourne finale.


    1. Thanks Carol, that means a lot. I also look forward to seeing you at finale. Hopefully your hubby will be coming along as well for a few quiet ones.

  3. Holy cow - an 11 minute plank!! Good luck for this round - don't let things get you down too badly as tomorrow is another day. I'm sure you'll smash your goals and we'll see you on stage at the finale :)