Saturday, 9 February 2013

12WBT – What it Means to Me.

Sitting here looking at Facebook watching all the amazing updates and photos come through from the fitness challenge and workout at the finale weekend in Brisbane is not an easy thing strangely.  Why would I be feeling weird about not being there?  I was more than happy to stay home and allow my wife to go for the weekend with her girlfriends. She never gets time away from the kids like that and we really couldn’t afford a third finale in a row for 2 of us to go.

It dawned on me why I am jealous and envious of all these people and I am extremely proud of admitting it.  This program is now part of me, part of my life and the way I do things on a daily basis. It is part of my wife’s life, it is part of my families new way of doing things.  I have made some awesome friends in the 9 months we have been doing this and I see them more than most of my life long buddies and even my family.  We train together, we talk about our plans and our insecurities and where we may be failing and give each other ideas and support to get back on track or improve how things are going.  Add to this the amazing support you get from all your buddies on the Facebook groups and 12WBT forums as well as the Support Crew Michelle has working for you and who wouldn’t be proud of it all.

The Guru this morning

Now finale weekend has been for us a huge party each of the times we have been.  It has meant a couple of days away for just the 2 of us, which is rare, but it has also allowed us to meet up with all our other 12 WBT friends that we have made.  These people have been amazing for support and friendship in the last 9 months and it is so nice to meet those we haven’t before and give a big hug to the ladies we have met before (Sarah McGee, Carol Gilmour and Kate Beck to name a few).  

Julie with the lovely Kate Beck

It is also such an amazing feeling to be in the same place as so many likeminded people all shooting for the same goal, to be healthier and happier in their own skins.  There is no pretentiousness; no one cares what others look like, are wearing, their fitness levels or anything that we may have worried about in the past. This is a group of people that have travelled from across the country all joining up together to celebrate the journey they have decided to take and be in the presence of the GURU.  

The Amazing 30+ Crew

Everyone wants to get a photo taken with her before and afdter the workout and possibly at the finale, some are lucky enough to do so, like Julie did this morning, but either way we are all a little star struck when she is around and only want to thank her for what she has done for us.  As she said to me in a tweet a few weeks ago, “It is us that have made the changes, she has just been along for the ride.”

Julie & the GURU

So tonight I will sit at home after putting my kids to bed knowing that 2000kms away there will be over 1500 people having an amazing night, meeting new friends, catching up with old ones also but most importantly celebrating what the last 12 weeks at least has done to them and how it has changed their lives.  I will be envious, I wish I was there but I know that even though it will be another 12 weeks until the next finale, I will catch up with these people and also some new friends at the next finale in Melbourne. This my friends will be a HUGE one. Watch this space......

Thank you Michelle Bridges for giving us this new lease of life, new friends which will be around for the rest of my life (yes you Dayna Manser and Rebecca Green, my running buddies) and thank you for giving me the tools to change my life for the betterment of myself, my wife and my family.

Why wouldn’t I be proud of that and want to be in Brisvegas?

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