Friday, 31 May 2013

Round & Round the Mulberry Bush……..

Surely we all remember this from our childhood?

Round and round the mulberry bush
The monkey chased the weasel.
The monkey stopped to pull up his socks
And Pop goes the weasel.

This has been my week, perhaps my last 6 months really and after a big one today hopefully my life will resume a little normality.  Only difference is there was no weasel involved, it has just been me running around in circles it seems (in a professional sense) and it is time for it all to stop.

So in light of my week being a little indifferent I thought I would adopt the idea for every Friday that another Blog I read (Dear baby G)puts out there called FFS Friday.  This is a bit of fun and just lets everyone know what sort of week I have had.  I will call mine the Friday Fist Pump.  I only hope there are more Friday Fist Pumps than Non Fist Pump moments.
Now this may be a massive flop, but we will certainly find out soon enough. 
This week has been busy to say the least, but they all seem to just get busier. Both work and at home, so I am sure to have a few gripes and wins as well.

I managed to string 3 days of solid exercise together last weekend after beating my chest cold…. FFP

Had my first decent run in a couple of weeks in preparation for my half marathon in 8 weeks time….. FFP

Hurt my back cleaning the kitchen on Sunday afternoon.  NFP…….Throw in a FFS as well

Allowed my inner saboteur to come out on Monday and Tuesday with a few wines, undoing my nutrition for the couple of days….  NFP

My wife decided to foster a cat for a period of time so our 4 munchkins can see what it is like to have a pet they can interact with......NFP

Said cat has decided it wants to meow at 1am on the first night ending up with my 4 year old in my bed.......NFP

With my sore back, still managed to get to my son’s football training and run around a bit with the boys.  Love being involved with his football and teaching the boys about my favourite sport….. FFP

Cat has decided that he wants to claw at our carpet for fun because my wife hasn't got a scratching post.......NFP

Have month end at work this week which places everyone under extra pressure from the bosses wanting as much cash in as possible.  Joys of month end not….. NFP

Set up my new bike on the trainer at home last night and smashed out a spin session sweating out a few kilos alone…..  FFP

Managed a weights session after the spin session to round out my work out……FFP

Found out we have an company interested in sponsoring us for our Perth Ride as part of our efforts to ride in all 6 Ride to Conquer Cancer rides this year…….Huge FFP

Have been nursing a headache basically for 2 days.  Dull thumping pain that won’t go away…….NFP

Was woken up at 5:53 this morning with a 4 year old stating he had wet the bed WTF!!!!! …..NFP

Managed the last 2 days to be spot on with my nutrition and back in the game……FFP

So looking back over the week, there have been a lot more FFP (Friday Fist Pumps), than NFP (Non Fist Pumps) so it hasn’t been that bad of a week.  I am looking forward to a good weekend of exercise, rain, hail or shine as I need to smash out some kms for my half.  Just remember that we all have bad moments through out our week, but we need to look at what we are doing in a positive manner and reflect on the good things.  All wins are exactly that.  Use them to keep you up and simply learn from the negatives.
Most importantly start living life and enjoying and have a great weekend.


  1. totally loving this!!! Great concept, may have to take it on. Reflection is a great thing :)

  2. Fantastic idea, feel you on the foster cat, we had a foster dog for a short time and realized quickly that my kiddies are NOT ready for pets.

  3. Had a great chuckle to this! Might steal the idea too!

  4. Oh that is gold. I'm sorry but the whole kitty thing had me giggling.


  5. Glad you are bouncing back mate always new you could an would keep up the great effort, what you have been going through is a normal human delayed emotional response to a very big body and mind shift. Greg you have broken through the barrier to the next hurdle, now mate is the time for you to focus and to maintain composure,go hard shrinking man and you will get it done it will happen for you, I know and have known this from the very beginning, good luck.