Friday, 17 May 2013

Now I know what Flat Stanley felt like!!!

This week has not been one that I want to repeat or been proud of.  I would like to say it has been a post finale hangover, but that would not be true.  That would be an easy excuse but I am not allowed to have excuses.  I will say that this week has left me extremely flat and not really giving a toss.  Not what I should be saying when it is week 1 of the new round and I should be up and at it rearing to go and reach new heights and smash out the workouts to reach my goals in the coming weeks.

Well guess what?  This could not be further from the truth.  If I was any flatter, I would make Flat Stanley look fat.  Why has this happened?  Well I believe a large portion of it is due to me being sick.  I started to feel unwell at the finale workout and it got progressively worse.  I have a chest cold, which sees me coughing like a dog whenever I get cold.  This is prone to happen at 6:45 each morning when I get out of the shower and into the cold air.  Just what Julie enjoys listening to, me bark for 10 minutes and hoping not to wake the kids up.

So between my last weigh in of round 1 and this week, I let my hair down, indulged in a few too many wines and crappy food.  This I own, not making any excuses for or looking for any sympathy (don’t expect any either) and the results were a gain of 2.2kgs.  No big deal in the grand scheme of things and I am not stressing, just means a few extra weeks work before I get to where I want.  This is after all a life journey not just a 12-24 week sprint aka The Biggest Loser.  What is more alarming for me is that I have done basically no training.  I have been for 4 runs in 2 ½ weeks and done 1 group training session.  In each of those I have had issues with my chest and breathing.  None of this excites me at all.  The last thing I want to do is prolong this illness and jeopardise my half marathon in 9 week’s time. But, and it is a big but, I have not even got off my arse and done a weights or toning session.  I just can’t muster the determination and will to JFDI.  This is so unlike me as I usually will go into robot mode and do something.  I feel a little bit like the lady below, very flat whilst everyone around me is bubbly and bursting at the seams.  Sorry for the boob reference, but it is amazing what pops up on google when you type in certain phrases.  Naturally I had to include that.

Another thing that has surprised me this last couple of weeks is the fact that I have no desire to weigh myself.  Most people that read this will know that I am a serial weigher.  I love to see where I am at and how my hard work is paying off.  I don’t get hung up on numbers though.  This last 2 weeks I have hardly been on the scales, no interest in it.  Why is that?  Am I over it?  Do I need to set some other goals? I must admit, I am still taking notice of the wins I am having with my clothes.  I wore a pair of jeans last week that I have only had for 4 weeks and were tight on me when I got them.  Now I don’t even have to undo them to pull them down.  Need to remember to wear a belt though now.

I have been that blasé that I haven’t even completed my pre-season tasks this round, nor have I done my fitness test and I have not added a before picture.  This is not all to do with my current illness though, it also adds to the feeling of being down which is weird and concerning and worse to me than what I experienced post finale when I was on stage. Part of it is due to me knowing that I am not going to be in the running anymore for any prizes, if in fact they have any this round.  Yes that is a selfish, silly outlook, but last round I did hope I might be able to push for something without expecting it and fell short.  Now that I don’t have enough weight to lose I am not in the running.  It is of course not all about the transformation prize, but it was a nice goal to shoot for if you have the chance and if that motivates you then I don’t see a problem.  I am disappointed with the changes that it seems they have made to the program. No weekly surprise winners, reduction in numbers of finalists, reduction in number of prizes etc.  It seems as though there is a big focus on reducing costs and maximising profits, where previously there was a feeling it was about the members of the program.  For me this program is still something that I love, 12WBT has given me my life back and I have made some amazing friends out of it, so for those things I will be eternally grateful and I would encourage anyone to join up and make the most of it. But there has been a huge change in the overall focus of the program with tv ads, radio ads and also internet ads.

So, where do I go from here?  I need to get my mojo back.  I need to get back to the old me and start training again within my limitations (illness or not), which means don’t do any cardio, well running at least, until I get rid of this chest cold.  I can and will do weights at home.  I have enough equipment to do a full workout and I will throw in some core.  I will go home tonight, rug up and get out in the pergola and do some weights and core.  There is a group session at my place tomorrow, with a new PT coming around to put us through our paces and show everyone correct techniques in both exercises and boxing.  I will do what I can.  I might have to miss my early Saturday morning run though, which will be hard as I enjoy running with my Warriors buddies each weekend.  

I am also picking up my new bike tomorrow, aka Bruiser, so I will be keen to get out on a ride Sunday morning too test him out.  Yes it is cardio, but it is not as hard as running and I can slow down and coast if I want to. So hopefully this will help me get back on track.  I need to be in full flight even if it is to motivate and keep Julie honest.  She wants to have a huge round this time and I need to be there to support her.  If she sees me being flat, lazy and blasé what will stop her from joining me and I don’t want to sabotage her round.

I need to get healthy in both mind and body and come back in the next few weeks and get jiggy with it.  I hate being sick, but I hate feeling lazy more.  This used to be the old me and to hell with going back there again.  That fat lazy bastard is done and dusted and I want to run………


  1. I know what your going through with the chest I've had nightly 4am, 5am coughing fits that awake me from my slumber. Don't think I would be doing anything either if I hadn't switched to Lean & Strong.

    You will get over this if anything you are a man of consistency and this is just another hill to climb in your journey.

    Another thing to think of in this is the Double Digit barrier. I know once I got across the line it was a fight with myself as it was such a huge goal. It feels so good your not in the triple digits and mentally it was harder to fight the excuses as under 100kg meant I was leaner & fitter in my mindset. Maybe this is also why your obsession with scales is deteriorating as you have hit this huge milestone.

    I believe this is why resetting goals is so important as you need to find the next big one & re calibrate the mind to co-operate.