Friday, 19 July 2013

Run Fat Boy Run……..And I WILL!!!!

It has been 2 weeks since my last FFS so I will see if I can dump it all in here.

I was sick last week which prevented me from training….FFS

Said sickness developed into pains in my chest….FFS

Visited the doctor and had to wait an hour even though I had an appointment……FFS

Doctor put me on an ECG machine to check heart, just a bit scary……FFS

Lady doing ECG used the following words, which were not the ones I wanted to hear “Oh that is not good”…..FFS

She was referring to the leads not working and needing to be cleaned…..No FFS

Surely she should be aware that this can share the shit out of you when having your heart checked….FFS

I was not able to run for 10 days, leading into my half marathon……FFS

Had a shit week with nutrition and exercise, resulting in a gain last week AGAIN…..FFS

Went to football on Sunday to watch my son and left extremely proud of him.  His best game for the season and the entire match in the ruck…..No FFS

Managed a short 15km bike ride last Sunday to test out the chest before the wind and rain came in……No FFS

Have managed to now secure sponsorship to cover 2 of my 6 rides and almost there on 2 others……No FFS

We have arranged a venue for our fundraiser for our team to raise money
for RTCC (myself, Julie and Dayna)……No FFS

My #2 son Owen had his first sporting injury this week at school, bruising his little finger…..FFS

Poor little man icing his injury.

My wife is proving very difficult to get bag on the wagon which is causing me to allow myself to fall back into some bad habits….FFS

This is my own issue not hers, I will not blame anyone else for my lack of willpower……No FFS

Went for a 7km run on Wednesday night to see if I was okay for the weekend and felt awesome…..No FFS

I have my Run Melbourne Pikermi on the weekend…..No FFS

So True...Oh Yeah, I will be chasing her on Sunday

 It is not a half marathon, I am not only half doing it or putting in half an effort, so won’t call it that, nor should anyone else……FFS

Don’t ask what a Pikermi is, look it up here……FFS

My youngest son had a photo shoot today for the Herald Sun for an article supposedly in tomorrow's paper….No FFS

I think he has found his calling, yep Pilot.

Schools back this week, which makes a happier wife, sort of……No FFS

Wife hates mornings of school days…..(make up your mind) …FFS

Wife has had a chance to get back out on bike this week which she loves…..No FFS

Did I mention I am running on the weekend with a huge finishing chute/area and massive crowd.  Just a tad excited…….No FFS

I don't care if this is where I place to be honest.

I will also be sharing this experience with a number of training buddies doing their first ever half marathon.  This will be awesome……No FFS

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  1. YES I had to click the link to see what a pikermi was! Thought it was some weird outfit (aka mankini) you would be wearing!!!