Friday, 5 July 2013

The Big Picture FFS........

Another week down and another set of ups and downs.  This week sadly has more downs than ups.

Says it all really

As mentioned last week, I had to work on Sunday….FFS

Thought I could log on from home for the first part at 6:45am only to have IT issues, so after an hour of trying to fix them I had to drive 20 minutes into the office for a 10 minute task and then home again…..FFS

So I had finished said task and back home by 9am after being up at 6:45am.  How does a 10 minute task take over 2 hours…….FFS

This meant no run for me or long ride as I had planned…..FFS

Managed to have a short 1 hour ride on Bruiser (my still newish bike that I am in love with)…….No FFS

Bruiser - my 5th child & the one I will be closest to over next few months

Took my son to football and watched him play his best game of the year & enjoy himself even though they lost again……No FFS

Rushed home to drop him off and then head back to office to work again….FFS

2 hours in office, totalling screwing Sunday up until project completed…..FFS

I then had to drive across town to pick up other 3 children from my wife’s work…..FFS

Poor wife trying to work in a call centre with 3 fighting kids……FFS

Wife couldn’t pass up overtime on Sunday as it is quadruple time……No FFS

Monday at work meant End of Financial Year reporting……FFS

Also meant all the issue with weekend system conversion pop their ugly head up…..FFS

Who the hell does a system conversion at FY End……Dickheads……..FFS

Staff that don’t see bigger picture obviously have to make mountains out of molehills…..FFS

Wife decides it would be nice for us all to go to the drive in on Monday night (2 adults and 4 kids, surprised she didn’t smuggle the friggin cat as well)…..FFS

The Tribe - Just another hair brained idea my wife had

Most stupid idea ever, lying in the back of the Carnival, back door open and a couple of blankets/sleeping bags with 4 kids……FFS

After a shit day I didn’t want the drive in, I just wanted wine……FFS

Shit that I don’t want to hear gets whined about for 3 days……FFS

Dumbass questions are asked of me for 4 days because people are to lazy to think for themselves……FFS

My father in law had some very serious surgery to help his battle with cancer…..FFS

Eddie - The most positive and inspiring man in my life

Did I mention I hate cancer and what it does to everyone……FFS

He has come through it well and was home yesterday to celebrate his 66 birthday with his wife….No FFS

His positivity about his disease and everything surrounding it is amazing and inspiring…..No FFS

This makes me even more determined to raise the $15K I need in total to do my 6 rides for cancer research and treatment around Australia & NZ……No FFS

Logos for each of the rides I WILL be doing

Why won’t businesses give me cash for these amazing causes…….FFS

Wife went to work on Wednesday ony to be told she is being made redundant….FFS

Our amazing friend Bec cooked us some meals in case we would not have time to do so with Julie's dad in hospital.  Bec you are a gem......No FFS

I have spent a bit of time this week (probably more than I should have) contacting businesses and people I know for support……No FFS

I was supposed to ride my beloved bike to work the last 2 days, but mother nature decided to throw in gale force winds to test me out…..FFS

The Melbourne members of Vision Crusaders doing all 6 rides

Not going to happen mother nature, I have a car as well.  Take that biatch…..No FFS

Driving to work this week has been nice due to school holidays…..No FFS

Watching the Tour de France and we managed to spot my brother in law and 3 nephews on the coverage whilst holidaying in Europe…..No FFS

My week will be finished off by watching my beloved Blues battle arch enemy Collingwood tonight.  Depending on the result that will be the first FFS or No FFS of next weeks post.

With all the miserable crap that is listed above, in the grand scheme of things they are just whines.  My father in law and many others are battling much bigger things than me complaining about the drive in, weather and whinging staff.  It truly puts it into perspective that most of the time we are worried about superfluous shit and need to look at the bigger picture.
So to all those people battling with whatever life threatening disease it is, my heart goes out to you and your family.  At this point in time it is cancer that is our focus, for others different diseases or health conditions.  FFS is a way of venting, but it still should allow us to keep perspective about what matters.  That is family, friends and yourself.

Have a good weekend people For Fuck Sake…….

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  1. Leitchy you never fail to make me smile. But seriously?? What on earth was Jules thinking going to a drive in in winter?? FFS indeed!