Friday, 15 November 2013

Week of Indifference.....

FFS has been on holidays for a few weeks but today's is being done from the Melbourne Airport Long Term Car Park.

I was in Sydney last weekend for the 12WBT Finale party...No FFS

I love meeting all the friends from all over the country which I only get to see every 12 weeks...No FFS

Got to have lunch at Lowenbrau and consume a stein or two and a wonderful pork knuckle...No FFS

Tried to go for a run the next morning as I wanted to run under the harbour bridge....No FFS 

Forgot that I had a hangover and it was rather humid.....FFS

Made it 3km with my running buddy when we had to stop under the bridge, take a photo and then find a cafe....FFS

Went to the workout and party and caught up with some amazing people and met some new friends that had only ever chatted to online...No FFS

Came home and kicked off a new round of 12wbt....No FFS. 

Went for a run on Monday night with my running buddies from the Western Warriors. Needed it.....No FFS

Julie started training for her new job....No FFS

It is full time for 6 weeks....FFS

She took 1 hour to get home Monday and 90 minutes on Tuesday....FFS

Haven't stopped hearing about the traffic all week....FFS

What does she think I do everyday.....FFS

Wednesday afternoon I was made redundant from work....FFS

Guess I don't have to worry about the traffic anymore....No FFS

Now I am apparently a house husband...FFS

First day off and I have to attend a school mass.....FFS

Think I need a job very quickly if this is what is in store for me...FFS

Everyone has been amazing with kind words of support...No FFS

Think a career change is in order. Watch this space...No FFS

Decided whilst I was at home I would follow through with my pledge to shave my head when my mate who is battling leukemia lost his, so I did it yesterday....No FFS

Flying out this morning to Auckland to meet my dysfunctional and amazing and awesome cycling family for Ride to Conquer cancer.....No FFS

Not looking forward to the hills though....FFS

Looking forward to catching up with my buddy Nat and her partner Nige though....No FFS.

So an indifferent week but I am healthy as is my wife and kids. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

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