Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My First Round Done and Dusted

Today was the 12th weigh in of the first round I have completed in the 12WBT.  That means I have had to officially log my weight a dozen times (no one includes the sneaky weigh ins done on a regular basis) on the program to account for my progress.  Now this hasn’t always shown the number I had hoped, but I can happily say that every Wednesday I have seen a figure that was less than the one before.  As I have told my wife and numerous others on the program, any loss is still a loss and that is an improvement on where you were last week.  Strangely enough I didn’t always feel that way myself and it was only up until recently when my mindset around this changed.

Now last week I had lost a total of 22.4kgs in 11 weeks, which is amazing and beyond what I initially thought possible when I signed up for this program.  I thought I might be able to lose 15kgs but I was going to give it everything I had to lose as much as possible.  Leading into the last few weeks, I was now hoping I might get to a total of 25kgs for the round as that would be a huge achievement for me.  I had been working pretty hard to ensure that I had been doing enough exercise and knowing that I had to lose 2.6kgs in the last week to reach that goal, was always going to be tough.  I jumped on the scales this morning to show a loss of 2.1kgs and a grand total for the round of 24.5kgs.  Now initially I was disappointed not to have made my target, but then it dawned on me that no one said this was a race and why am I worried about an amount that equates to a bottle of water, or one decent wee.  I will get there and technically the round is not over until Sunday.  I can still make this total, although it won’t be officially recorded as such.    
I am over the moon that I have managed to lose so much weight and how much effort I have put in to do so.  I have had times where I couldn’t be bothered or not feeling well, but these have not stopped me from eating well and exercising.  I have somehow managed to convince myself that I must JFDI (Just F@*KING DO IT) in order to get to my goals.  I am now so much closer that I am even looking at being under 100kgs for the first time in 20 years by Christmas if I continue with this plan of working hard, eating well and being honest and true to myself. 

If there are any doubters out there in relation to this program, I am proof that it can work.  I was lazy, not accountable to myself for my weight and also making excuses as to why I couldn’t make the changes.  Now I want to help those like the old me and convince them they can do it.  Oh yeah, I tried on a pair of size 38 pants the other day and managed to do them up.  They were to tight around the bum to wear around without fear of them splitting but considering I was in a pair of size 44 and they were tight only 12 weeks ago, I am in a great head space.  I still have a pair of size 56 jeans at home that I wore at my worst as a reminder of where I will not go again.
Bring on round 3 is all I can say and I am heading towards double digits sooner than I ever thought.
I love this little dude. His face is exactly how I feel at the moment


  1. A massive congratulations!! That is an extraordinary accomplishment, you must be so proud! :)