Wednesday, 8 August 2012

We Never Stop Learning or Achieving

Another Wednesday morning means another weigh in day.  As I have previously posted, I love Wednesdays because of this.  I now get to see how far I have come on this journey, how much the hard work has paid off and how close to the ultimate goal I am now compared to 10 weeks ago.  This week has been interesting to say the least.  We had a bit of a blow out on Friday night with a few too many wines.  This caused some concern as we did not know (my wife and I) if this would cause a weight loss.  I decided that the only way to try and beat that is to work my arse off between Saturday and today.  The subsequent training sessions were carried out ensuring I burnt as many calories as I could at high intensity.  Saturday was 2000 calories gone, Sunday (no rest for me) was 600 calories, Monday was 1056 calories and last night I smashed out 600 in 45 minutes. 

These workouts for me show a huge change in my mindset and a commitment to myself and the program that I WILL become a different person and the person I want and need to be.  Thankfully this morning showed a 2.1kg loss on the scales, bring my total weight loss up to 21.4kgs in 9 ½ weeks.  This is just mind blowing for me.  I started this journey with a goal of 5-15kgs, not really knowing what to expect.  I now want to lose another 4kgs at least to get me over the 25kgs lost, but would love to lose 5kgs to have me under 120kgs.  I haven’t been there since I was 23 years of age.  So I am committed to working my backside off for the next few weeks to try and reach this mini goal before launching into the next round of the 12WBT.
One of the things I am enjoying about this program is the lessons it is also teaching my children.  On Monday night I picked my daughter up from ballet and she posed a question to me about dinner.  When I mentioned that I was having something different to her, she said to me “Oh that’s because you are on your diet.”  When I explained to her that this was not a diet and something that her mother and I were going to finish at the end of the 12 weeks, her response was hilarious.  “But dad, when will you be allowed to eat junk food again?”  I had to laugh as she obviously sees the change as something that is restricting us and not a choice we are making to ensure we are making life improving changes.  When I explained to her that I can have junk food if I choose to, but I don’t want it, she was okay.  My children have been great during this 10 weeks, trying all the food and actually enjoying most.  My little ones even ate a fish stew last night (which to my surprise wasn’t bad) and have embraced healthier versions of tacos, nachos, burgers etc.  This is priceless for me as they are learning that you can still have these wonderful meals, but a few subtle changes can make them more enjoyable and healthy.

The kids now understand that exercise is non-negotiable and that mum and I will be working out every Saturday morning together with a couple of friends in the garage for an hour.  They see us going on our bike rides for training and have seen us doing the Michelle Bridges dvd’s and other workouts in the lounge and have even got involved on occasions.  This is instilling in them a positive outlook to exercise and hopefully the benefits will be ongoing for them throughout their lives.  Without all of this change, I fear our kids will have looked at us as 2 overweight parents that weren’t truly happy in their own skin.  Now we are all heading in the right direction and it is only going to get better.
I am also going to have to re-do my goals for the next 3 months.  First one will be to ultimately get under 100kgs by Christmas.  This will be huge, need a lot of hard work and commitment but I have the support of my family, my 12WBT family and also some colleagues at work (one whom has joined the 12WBT family also) but after that I am a bit lost for goals.  Perhaps I will need to build some around some physical activity, running or swimming perhaps.  I think I need to start looking at this pretty quickly to get some things in place.  Oh well, only 7 days until the next weigh in, best I get cracking.

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