Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wake Up Call

The last few days have been interesting at home to say the least. We have had a daughter vomiting, so she stayed home from school for 2 days, a 5 year old that I had to go and pick up frm kindergarten due to spots on his face, which were later diagnosed as school sores, 2 visits to the doctors for both of them, then I had to go to the chiropractor for my back as it needed some attention and then we started the weekend.

I suppose the good part of that was the chiro telling me that the pain in my upper back (usually in my lower back when I get back pain) was partially due to me losing weight and my posture being corrected.  This was pleasing to hear and her encouragement about what I had been doing was also nice to hear especially when this was the first time I had seen this chiro.

Nutrition and exercise has been good for those days so I was not worried about anything, just hoping that I was not going to pick anything up from the sickies in the house.  I must admit that I did have a couple of evenings during the week where I had a couple of glasses of wine and a vodka, lemon and soda.  Seems that the old vino in the cupboard was calling my name after a couple of busy days.  This for me is a huge red flag as I do like a wine, but don't want it being the reason for me not waking up and feeling as good as I have been the last 10 weeks.  It also has the ability to cause me to stay up later than I need to watching crap on Foxtel and therefore depriving me of the good sleep I have been getting whilst not drinking as much as previously.

Saturday started off with a 50 minute session in our garage doing some weights and boxing, which was very beneficial.  Julie went for a bike ride as we had agreed to get some kms in her legs in training for our Conquer Cancer ride in October and I was going to go out after that to try and get between 60-70 kms done for the day.  I got 4kms into my ride and noticed that I had a flat tyre.  After going to the nearest service station and trying to pump up my tyre 3 times it was obvious I had a puncture.  Without any spare tubes the only thing I could do was call Julie and have her come and pick me up.  There goes my ride as Julie had an afternoon engagement and my daughter had her ballet exam.  Let's just say that started my afternoon off in a less than happy fashion.  Add tot hat my little man (3 year old) had informed my wife he was also not feeling well.  Great, now we have 3 sick children in the house.

With all this going on and some extra stuff, I really felt like a wine.  I put a bottle in the fridge and was determined that i was going to enjoy a glass (a big one) whilst watching the football.  My beloved Blues were playing so it was certainly going to be a glass I was going to enjoy.  Now there is no issue here, but the problem is that it was going down to well.  Add to that the almonds that Julie and I decided to nibble on and the second bottle I opened and we are heading down a dangerous path.  Now normally in the past I would have eaten a box of pizza shapes or a large bag of chips, so I can at least be happy that the food choice was healthy, but was it necessary.  Hell NO!!!  Ws the second bottle necessary? Hell NO!!  So why do I do it to myself?

I was supposed to go for a ride this morning before Julie went to work.  We had a visitior into our bed at some ungodly time during the night.  Add to this I had not crawled into bed until just before midnight and there was no hope in hell I was getting up at 7am to ride 50kms.  Not good enough, but I had a slight headache and was not even wanting to get out of bed let alone exercise.  This is how I might have felt regularly only 3-4 months ago.  Now I was not hungover, but I had not been smart about what I had done yesterday.  I had not had the required amount of water during the day, I had more wine than I should have, which put me well over my calorie intake for the day and I had less sleep than I needed.  None of which is what I need to be doing to be honest with myself and the program.  I am now fully aware that I need to be more aware of what I do every minute of every day.  I need to ensure that my water intake is being monitored all day and that I am not leaving it til the evening to make sure I have had it.  I also need to make sure that I am only having the correct calories in my day.  If I want A wine then I need to make sure I can fit it in and then NO MORE!!!!!

This morning was a great lesson to me as I am still a long way from where I want to be both mentally and weight wise.  I am not going to beat myself up over it, no point.   But I am going to learn from this and make sure that I correct these errors and continue to lose great numbers on the scales, continue dropping cms off my body and continue to show everyone that I control my destiny and if you want something bad enough you have to go and get it as it will not be handed to you.

Now I have 8 weeks to go until i go to Bali, I am hoping to drop another 15 or 16 kgs and I need to find a good pair of speedos for the pool at the Bali Hyatt.

That is me on the right.

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