Thursday, 15 November 2012

Another Round Down.....

24 weeks have passed since I started with the Guru and started transforming both my outer self as well as my inner self.  I have learnt so much along this path that sometimes I forget how far I have actually come and only look at the recent results.  As I have documented in numerous blogs, yes I know stuck record comes to mind, that I have not been as prolific with the weight loss this round and the numbers have not been as high and even that I have hit a wall mentally, I have been able to look back this week and take stock of what I have actually achieved.  This message hit home for me only this morning when I was talking to a couple of senior managers and one of them blurted out, “Oh my god, you are half the man you used to be.”  Now I have seen this guy in passing a number of times over the last few months, but I suppose he has never really stopped and looked at me.  Not sure why, I am a pretty hot specimen now, even for straight guys!!!!!

The simple fact that he had noticed this shows me that whilst I only lost (I know I shouldn’t use that word) 9.3kgs this round, I have lost a total of 33.8kgs in 24 weeks.  That is an amazing amount of weight to lose and as this manager put it, try getting up and carrying 2 bags of cement with you each time you go to get a coffee or to a meeting.  When he said it like that I thought holy cow, that is heavy and I now feel amazing for not carrying that weight.

Add to this, my measurements were also down on last round, but I still managed to lose 25cms in total all over my body.  Add that to last rounds 86.5 centimetres and I have now lost 1.115 metres off my body.  I was a size 46 in jeans when I started my first round, I now fit into a 38 (just) but this was something I thought would never happen.  I was just happy to get into a size 40 now I am looking at 36-34 when I get to my goal.  I have gone from XXXL in shirts to looking at XL at biggest.  This is just incredible.  Yes my weight loss slowed this round, I was not as accountable and the intensity was not there, but even with all the little blips along the way I still managed to lose weight.  In the past I would have given up and packed it back on.  Not anymore, the new Greg is determined that one stumble will not cause me to fall over.  I will be back up and at it with a vengeance.  I have been extremely lucky that Julie is doing this with me and whilst we have both had issues at times we have been extremely supportive of each other.  We are determined that round 4 will be a big one.  We have also been very lucky that we have made some very good friends in the Western Warriors group that now train with us on Saturday mornings and I have found a couple of run buddies that are my pace.  Well 1 of them has been injured, but we are waiting for her to get back into it so we can have some good Saturday morning trots.

Overall, I am happy to reflect back and look at where I have come from, which was an obese and unhappy man 24 weeks ago, where I am now still a little obese (technically) but I feel like there is a skinny guy kicking and screaming and fighting his way out.  He is almost there and I anticipate that after Christmas he will have found his way out.  That is the same time I expect to have broken through the 100kgs barrier, which will mean I will be back under the three figures for the first time since 1992 and for me that was the start of my 20 years of living in the dark.
I have this weekend in Sydney to celebrate at the finale and then come Monday it is all head down and bum up, except when I am running. That might be a little difficult, but I have grands plans for the next 12 months and that only happens with a fit, healthy and lean ME.


  1. Greg you have done an amazing job. Well done :)
    Bring on Round 4 - lets smash it ...

  2. Every time I see your blog/ facebook profile photo I don't see that guy any more in the flesh. Your face has thinned so much in this round and your holding your weight a lot differently.

    The weight you have lost in this round has really physically changed you :)

  3. Amazing effort!! Hope you're on stage in the top 20 for round 4 :)