Tuesday, 20 November 2012

On My Way!!!!

I can clearly remember, as a teenager, the words of the worst band to ever come out of Scotland, the Proclaimers, “I’m on my way from misery to happiness today, Uh Huh, uh Huh.”  Well after the weekend’s events in Sydney and catching up with some old 12wbt friends and meeting some new ones, watching how well some people have done and how far we have all come, I have come home with a lot of energy and been reinvigorated to ensure that I smash out this next round.  I might also add that having to stand there and watch those lucky 20 people be on stage left me feeling a little lost and wishing it was me up there again, but you know what, I didn’t deserve it this round and they all did.  If I want to be back up there I better pull out my finger and do the work.

So, why am I suddenly quoting the Proclaimers?  Well their lyric is exactly where I find myself.  Not that I was miserable, that is something that has certainly not been the case the last 24 weeks, but I am determined that at the end of the next 12 weeks I will be more than happy with what I have done since today.  I have made a commitment to myself and to my wife as well as to some of my training buddies that I am going to smash this next round.  I will step it up and I am even doing the 10K running program.  Now I have every confidence I can get that ticked off half way through the round, it is all about learning to run properly and improving my speed.  I also want to smash the weight this time and see if I can get to goal weight.  This will mean dropping around 25kgs this round.  Yes this is a huge ask, but doing my sums I need at least that to get on stage.  So if I am good enough to get there I will be at goal.  Either way I am a winner.

This weekend was huge.  It was an early start for us and we flew in to Sydney for some crappy weather, which was not enticing.  We were fortunate enough that a friend we had not seen for ages was also in Sydney, so we caught up for lunch (burger and schooner at a pub in the Rocks), so I hope Michelle doesn’t read this post.  After that we went off and did the Bridge Climb.  What an amazing experience.  To say I have stood on the top of one of the most iconic structures in the world is unbelievable.  We were up there for 3 hours and whilst it was windy, thankfully it did not rain.  Mother Nature held that off just until we finished then she opened up on the twilight groups.

Saturday morning saw us all heading to Queens Park for a workout with 1000 other 12WBTer’s and gave us the opportunity to meet some new people we had only spoken to on the forums and facebook groups.  I finally got to meet Carol, Lynn and Casey from Warrnambool and surrounding areas that I have been following via twitter and their blogs.  All three are lovely ladies and it was great to meet them.  After the workout we all got our photos taken in our groups with the Guru and I was also fortunate enough to meet Lise Simpson (one of the trainers and 12WBT support crew) whom has followed me through the last 2 rounds.  It is so nice being in a place where people of all ages, shapes and sizes are all wanting the same thing and happy to be there.  I also got to meet a lovely lady whom most know as Lima Fox.  Leanne was one of the first people I spoke to when I signed up and she has been so supportive following my journey. Just a pity she isn’t doing this next round, but we will keep in touch.

Next was the big night.  Off we went all dolled up (well Julie not me) for the party.  It was a fantastic night, which gave me the opportunity to meet more people that I have only spoken to (Angela Wallace, Leanne Molloy) who are both legends on the forums.  There were a couple of people in the top 20 that we were keen to cheer on and even better when both Casey and Sarah won awards.  What a great night.
Sadly the next day meant a sore head of sorts and a full day without a hotel room to rest it, but what better way to fix it than to go to Manly beach and have fish and chips!!!  After that we had a quick visit to a pub then the airport and promises to each other that this was our round.  I am going to go hard, I have my goals and I am hoping that I can drag those around me along and they can also drag me along with them as I know they will be working just as hard.  Our Saturday morning sessions have just been stepped up a notch I think and could become interesting.

Watch out for the skinny man after Christmas.

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