Saturday, 10 November 2012

Bring Back the MOJO

A couple of days ago I posted about wanting to get my head back in the correct space and tackle this next round with a vengeance after pretty much wasting round 3.  Yes I have still lost weight, but not as much as I wanted to.  

Both Julie and I decided that this week, after cup day, we were going to get back on track.  Training was still a little hit and miss, but last night saw me go for my first run in a few weeks.  It was only a gentle jog of 3.89 kilometres, but it was my first in a while and I was already going out this morning for a pre planned run with a training partner.  I just wanted to get out and do it.  I had plenty of reasons not to go, it was late (8:20pm) and it was about to bucket down.  I just put on a rain coat and off I went.  I managed to get home with only a little shower, but then the heavens opened up.   Someone wanted me to get out and do it. Michelle must have friends in high places.

First run in 4 weeks.

I went to bed knowing that I was up at 6:30 for a 5km run with Dayna and maybe Ben who was going to join us.  When I walked out the front door this morning it was an amazing morning.  Sunshine, no clouds and not a breath of wind.  No excuses not to go out and enjoy a run.  We managed to run 5kms and then come home and try some tabata training and then some boxing.  

Tabata was new to me, but I enjoyed the concept.  I just need to plan a bit better for our next session and have more exercises to choose from.  That will be my homework and I can see myself doing some solo tabata sessions to improve the exercises.  If you don't know what it is check it out.

SSS from today included 5 km run

I am just over the moon that now I have strung 2 decent sessions together in a row which I haven't done for a couple of weeks.  Not saying the mojo is back but I am feeling a lot better for having done it and I will be working towards making round 4 as big as round 2.  I want to get close enough to goal in the next round so I can look at doing Lean & Strong in round 1 next year.  Best I stick to my word and keep up the training.
My sort of MOJO - Not 12WBT approved


  1. Great post. Glad you are getting back into it. I will check out tabata as I have not heard of it.

    1. I had not heard of it before either but did some reading up on it this week and tried it out and it is quite a workout. As with all workouts though you only get out what you put in but I will be doing this again for sure.