Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dream, Believe & Then ACHIEVE!!!

A few posts back I posted a clip from Youtube about a guy named Ben that I said had inspired me because he started off in a similar position to me and wanted to be able to change my life in a physical sense much like he had.  As everyone is aware, You tube is full of clips like this, but today I was trolling through the 12WBT forums and found a post put up by a mum of 7 who is doing the program (if that isn’t inspiring enough) where she wanted to show how one lady had transformed her life and she found it inspiring.
Now I personally take a lot to be inspired by people that are only doing what I perceive to be the same as me, so don’t often watch these clips or get caught up in the stories, but what made this one great for me was that it was a fellow 12WBTer whom had achieved something a little different to me.  Not only had they made the decision to change their life as we had, they chose to take up a sport that is outside the mainstream and not only learn it, but train under adversity and excel in the chosen sport.  This to me just proves that if any of us really do want to make a change in our life and achieve something that we never thought possible prior to starting this we only need to do one thing.  Yep, one thing.  I know you don’t believe me, but it is as simple as that.  If we all make the conscious decision to COMMIT ourselves to this change 100%, no going back, it can only lead to success.  Sure there will be off days, there will be slow weeks, but the fact that we have committed ourselves to making the change necessary to achieve whatever goal we have set for ourselves, whether it be weight loss, running a marathon, riding 200km, or even just to be able to do a fun run with our kids or friends, we will achieve it.  It won’t happen overnight and for some it will take a lot longer than others. So what, you are following your own time frame and not that set out by anyone else. You will get there because you will not give up and you have committed yourself to reaching your goals.
I have attached this clip for you all to watch and I hope you are as inspired by what you see this member of our family has achieved.  She can do things in this clip that I would only love to be able to complete, but who knows, I might just add some of those to my goals.

I have my goals set out, which I listed in one of my previous posts, but I am also putting it out there that I have to lose another 15 kilos this round so I am at a weight to take on Lean & Strong next round as I promised a friend I would.

Have a nice day and good luck all for your weigh in tomorrow, let’s hope the fatblasting gods are good to you.

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