Saturday, 8 December 2012

WOW, What a Week!!

I realised this morning that I hadn't done my usual after weigh in blog post, so thought I had better do it today.  It has been a crazy week at work which has seen me distracted from being able to put together a blog and this time of year is also chaos at home with my daughter's ballet rehearsals pre concert.  Add to that my wife has been unwell with her Ross River Fever and it has been interesting to say the least.

This week saw me hit a few milestones which have had me beaming.  I managed a new personal best on a run on Tuesday night, which saw me managed a 3km run in under 18 minutes.  Some would say not overly quick, but mentally for me to be able to average under 6 mins for a kilometre is huge.  Wednesday saw me weigh in and lose 1.3kgs which I was happy about just by itself but it meant I had crossed two milestones off my list.  I had lost more than 35 kilos (actually 36.1 kgs now) and I was under 110kgs when I was standing on the scales.  This is huge for me as I have not been that weight in the last 20 years.  To say I was doing cartwheels on the inside at 6:30 Wednesday morning is an understatement and I will admit to a private fist pump in the bathroom.  It was a silent one as i didn't want to wake anyone but I was cheering on the inside very loudly.

So after a great result, I had 2 very average days after that.  Decided that I would have a couple of wines on Wednesday night, for no other reason than I could.  Still need to bury that demon as it is my achilles heel and seems to be downfall still when it comes to this program.  I am aware of it and own my actions but i am still trying to confront the fact that when i do it, I know I will not feel flash in the morning or like training. it also interrupts my sleep which is not conducive to good workouts and feeling strong the next day to take on work.

Putting that aside, it is still nice to sit down with my wife and have a wine and watch some tv, which doesn't happen a lot due to our schedules, but if only I could stop at one glass.  It was also nice to not have a glass last night, even though I felt like one after a hectic week.  I was up at 6:30 this morning for a 3km run with a friend and then in my garage after that for a workout of circuit training and then boxing and core.  This was a killer this morning because it was already in the low to mid 20's temperature when we went for a run, but the calories gone and the effort put in were a great reward.  Sadly Julie was not up to completing the training session due to the lethargy she is feeling from this virus, but she got up and tried and that is a credit to her as she is really missing the workouts and exercise and this is wonderful to see and I am very proud of the efforts she is putting in.  She will get to where she wants, it will just take a bit longer and she is so much more focused than when she was doing other weight loss programs.  She is a trojan.

Another thing that happened with my wife this week which blew me away was a decision she has made and put it out into the public domain, which means no backing out now, is to shave her head completely bald if she can raise $10K for Peter Mac Cancer Hospital.  Now many people know we did the ride this year and managed to raise $11K between us, which we are very proud of, but for her to volunteer to do this is a very brave thing and something that initially shocked me when i saw she had posted it on Facebook announcing it to the world prior to telling me.  I had asked her if she would do it a day or so before and she told me steadfastly no chance.  Julie is not a vain person, but like all women she loves her hair to look nice and to not have any is quite a daunting prospect.  I will say it makes me very proud to see her putting herself out there and just proves how much of a giving and selfless person she is.  Willing to do that to yourself is not as much as someone losing their hair because they have cancer, but still having the courage to do it is something most woman would never consider, which was highlighted to me when I mentioned it at work and all of the ladies said no chance they would do it.

Just a reminder why we raise $$ for Peter Mac

So overall, a very good week for milestones and achievements.  I just need to continue the good work and hopefully smash out a good fitness test this week. I am hoping to get under 5 minutes for my time trial, the last time I ran 5:01 so only need to improve by 2 seconds.  I think I can do this, but I guess we will see.


  1. Milestones and achievements indeed, what a week you've had. Just to get through a week of achristmas parties and I call that a success at the moment. Im thinking that i do it a bit eqsier than most because im not really a drinker, maybe once a year! So I don't struggle with the one glass, two glass, etc scenario.

    Brilliant job on the run, go you. I can only hope.

    And hope Julie feels better soon. I've heard that Ross River Fever really knocks a person around.

    Stay cool today! Has hit the mid 30's here and real windy. Yuck.


  2. Won't be long before you really are doing cartwheels. Massive achievements. Congrats.

  3. Well done!
    I love your honesty and reading about all your hard work.
    I can relate about the wine. That is a really tough one for me too.
    I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.