Friday, 14 June 2013

Rain Rain Go Away…….

With the crappy weather this week and the obvious constant black clouds, a black cloud has descended on me with a vengeance and caused a bit of havoc.  So here we go with this weeks FFS.

Managed to smash out a 14km run Saturday morning as my long run for the week followed up by a short boxing session No FFS

Went for a fantastic 52km bike ride on Sunday down Beach Road with my fellow Vision Crusaders team mates  No FFS

Week started with a public holiday for Queens Birthday.  No FFS

Spent the morning with my wife and 3 of our children climbing the 1000 steps in Ferntree Gully No FFS

My munchkins and I at the memorial mirroring the Isurava memorial

Was not happy about taking a 4 and 6 year old up the bloody stairs, especially when they were expecting to be piggy backed.  FFS

My little ones managed to walk to the top of the mountain (as they called it) No FFS

Realised afterwards that I need to not be so grumpy about these things and accept them for what they are, family bonding sessions and an excursion.  No FFS

Rain started on Tuesday and has not gone away.  FFS

Lack of opportunity to get out and run has meant I have had no motivation to do any other form of training.  FFS

What I should have been doing this week

Finding excuses from everywhere to not get out and do anything, scares me to say the least.  FFS

It was bucketing down on Wednesday night for Callum’s football training, but we went anyway and I joined in.  I had more fun than the boys.  No FFS.

Outside this week and inside my head

Work has been shitty all week and has me wondering why I am even here.  FFS

No direction, lack of communication and respect from up above makes it hard to be effective in the workplace.  FFS

Have had a nagging head ache all week which hasn’t helped my lack of training and mood FFS

Don't Mess with me, Not in the Mood

Need to have a timetable for this weekend for all the things we have on, which means a tight schedule for my son's Confirmation  FFS

So much on and so much to do means my wife will be her usual stress head self when we have a function at home and take it out on me FFS

Not looking forward to having a grumpy mumma bear yelling at me on Sunday because of the above no matter what I do FFS

Why do I agree to have functions at home FFS

How I felt this week

Oh that’s right, I don’t I just get told they are happening and then cop the flow on FFS

Just been told I have to travel to Adelaide next Wednesday for work for a 2 hour meeting. FFS

Looking forward to my training session tomorrow and my long run this weekend No FFS.

Hope you all had a more positive week, let’s hope the next week will bring more of the No FFS.

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  1. Oh busy week, and who knows, the function and confirmation may just go swimmingly. Breathe in, breath out. Good luck to Jules too.

    As for:

    "Was not happy about taking a 4 and 6 year old up the bloody stairs, especially when they were expecting to be piggy backed. FFS"

    I'm going to think your children had decided at that moment to become your trainer, and it was all part of the fitness regime to build your upper strength and stamina. At least that's my reasoning ;-)