Friday, 28 June 2013

TFIF.......Nothing Else to Say.

Friday again and another FFS.  Yes I missed last weekend, but I was on a high last Friday after meeting Annette and didn’t really care about the crappy things that happened prior to that.

This week on the other hand is an entirely different story.
So, it is last week of June and this means End of Financial Year….FFS

Everyone at work (senior managers anyway) go crazy this week wanting as many $$ in and as much product out…..FFS

Both sides of the business don’t care that sometimes this conflicts, that is my problem to sort it out….FFS

People that I have previously worked with but have moved departments miraculously forget how things work, causing further issues……FFS

They have also decided to carry out a system conversion this weekend over Year End…..FFS

How I felt when they told me I had to work Sunday

This means I have to work on Sunday morning at 7am……FFS

This means my half marathon training run may not take place only 3 weeks out from the event……FFS

I also have to be available in the afternoon for work to verify data…..FFS

Add to this my son’s football match was changed to a later time conflicting with when I need to be in the office….FFS

My wife is working an overtime shift on Sunday, which is awesome as it is quadruple time…..No FFS

But this overtime shift is also when I need to be at work….FFS

Found out today that I can do the afternoon portion from home on Sunday unless there are major dramas….crisis averted….No FFS

After my meeting last week with Annette I was even more determined to raise the $15K I need to take part in all 6 Ride to Conquer cancer Rides…..No FFS

Anyone wanting to donate, just drop me a line.

I have received donations this week that mean I am now definitely riding in Brisbane and Melbourne at this point….No FFS

I have had some businesses pledge cash that should also get me over the line for Sydney…..No FFS

It is the 8th anniversary of my wife’s car accident which changed our lives forever….FFS

Whilst she has been prevented from using her leg full capacity since, we have changed a lot for the better and our lives are better as well…..No FFS

School holidays start today…….FFS

This will mean I have to listen to a tirade of emails, SMS and phone calls about how said wife wants to kill one or more of the kids every day until they go back to school…….FFS

Thank god I will be working during those two weeks and will screen calls, Yes Julie I will be screening calls……No FFS

My bib for Run Melbourne arrived this week……No FFS

Has My name On it so they can call out to me when i pass out.

I have also been thinking about challenges for 2014 (yes I know it is still 6 months away) and think I will be running my first marathon mid 2014……FFS

Yes it is a scary thought, but Think Big, Do Big, Achieve Big……No FFS

All I can say is thank F… it is Friday and only 69 days until I go to Bali….NO FFS!!!!!!


  1. Ah Greg, a very entertaining post as always, thanks, i needed that giggle :)

  2. I can't tell you how much I look forward to FFS Fridays with you and Jules. Love how you put things into perspective. Hey and don't worry about Sunday, heck you already ran a half marathon on what? a week's training! LOL. You can dooooo eeeeeet !!!!