Friday, 7 June 2013

What a Week!!!!!

FFS Friday

Been a very strange week, but thankfully looking back a more positive one than most.
I celebrated my 1 yr fitaversary this week and 50+ kgs lost in that time. No FFS

Also celebrated my little man Owen’s 6th birthday on the same day.  He is such a beautiful soul.  Massive No FFS!!!!

Here is the little man...aka Golden Boy

Put up before and after shots so far on Facebook and feedback was amazing No FFS

Friend of mine showed this to Margie Cummins ( winner of biggest loser 2012) and she put it on her Facebook page. No FFS

Collage in Question - Still a work in progress

That post had 226 likes and the same one on Instagram has 184 so feeling the love. No FFS

Had a new colleague start at work this week, whom I worked with 10 years ago and she told me that if our boss had not called me in she would not have recognised me.  No FFS

Kids have been a bit feral this week causing my wife a few problems. This lead to us having an argument on Wednesday evening which wasn't nice. FFS

Went for a run straight after the argument and smashed out my fastest 10km ever in 1hour 1min 30 secs No FFS

Very Proud of this run.

Did what the trainers tell you and channelled my emotions of anger, frustration and disappointment into my workout No FFS

Have had a nagging headache for a little while, so need to see the chiro. FFS

My Run Melbourne running singlet arrived yesterday. Only bought a large and it fits….Woo Hoo     No FFS

Training has been a bit hit and miss this week. FFS

New way to look at FFS

Big weekend ahead with running and cycling to correct things No FFS.

Had a colleague at work trying to get out of doing her own shit and accused me of not taking ownership of task to my boss FFS

Said colleague soon put back in box and told to own her own shit in future FFS

Boss was not overly happy with outcome, but understood where I was coming from. FFS

Had some feedback at work from new colleague that people they have spoken to have all had good things to say about my work and what I have done here. No FFS.

Had a couple of glasses of wine last night, which led to some late night snacking. WHY????  FFS.

Have changed my role at work partially in the last week, losing half my team.  No FFS

Still having that part of the business wanting me to do stuff for them when I don’t want to or shouldn’t be.  FFS

Had a couple of people come up to me this week asking for tips on health and fitness.  No FFS

This is true people, understand it FFS!!!

Same people were a little shocked when I explained what I had done and had to do in order to get fit and drop weight. FFS

Why do people think there is an easy way to do this and it can happen in a few weeks. FFS.

Had a chance to run my son’s football training on Tuesday night ( I was his coach until this year) and forgotten how much I loved it.  No FFS.

Friday night football sees my beloved Blues taking on arch rival (and my most hated team) the Bombers and the wife is at work.  Massive No FFS!!!!

Have a good weekend peeps.


  1. Wow, those before and after photos are amazing, you look like a different person!

  2. Hmmmm I'm thinking that the No FFS are taking over the FFS and that's a good thing KWIM? (figured while we were speaking in acronyms and all) OK ;-)