Friday, 30 August 2013

7 Sleeps until Sanity Comes Back.......

Didn’t post a FFS Friday post last week as I was ill, but will make up for it this week.

Took me 3 days to get over the lack of sleep I had in Brisbane on my bike ride…..FFS

This also meant no exercise and very blasé about my food…..FFS

Somehow still managed to lose 400 grams….No FFS

Didn’t do any exercise at all that week, made excuses about legs needing a rest and being tired….FFS

Need to look at my pre-season tasks and get head in the right place for the coming months…..FFS

Smashed out a good workout on the Saturday morning with my Western Warriors buddies…..No FFS

AAAHHHH the DOMS from the circuit were something I haven’t felt in a while…..No FFS

Jumped on the bike for a quick 30km (1 hour) ride on Sunday morning…..No FFS

Love my bike and riding it whenever I can, especially as the weather warms up….No FFS

Not enjoying the thought of those stinkin friggin magpies for the next few months though….FFS

Had to start building my son’s school project last weekend.  Why do I come up with grand ideas and end up having to do it for him……FFS

One day I will let him do it for himself…..FFS

In actual fact, knowing me, No I won’t, I can’t help myself….FFS

So Sunday was spent at Spotlight for a while with daughter and oldest sun wanting to buy stuff…..FFS

I hate Spotlight, I hate shopping and even worse, I hate being there with 4 kids…..FFS

Back home and into trying to build a medieval castle……FFS

I have no idea what the hell I am doing, but as per usual I am winging it and Callum doesn’t know any different…..FFS

Monday night saw me go for my first serious run in 4 weeks…..No FFS

My legs were screaming at me from the 2km mark and were not screaming very kind messages to me…..FFS

I almost turned around at that point, but stuck it out, only 5kms to go……No FFS

Backed up the run with a commute to work on my bike on Tuesday, 67km round trip and felt great…..No FFS

My little man was in the paper this week from a photo shoot they took 5 weeks ago....No FFS

Daughter had an accident at school which has resulted in her front teeth being knocked loose and one of them needing a root canal in the future…..FFS

Not as though her ballet doesn’t already cause me to be in overdraft, now I have to pay for her dental bills, then enamels for her teeth so she can still be a prima ballerina with pristine teeth….FFS

Might not be any Bali holidays for quite some time if this is the case…..FFS

Well not for her anyway…..No FFS

This time next week I will be plonking my fat posterior in our private villa’s pool with a Bintang or 10….FFS

Month end at work…..FFS

Month end on a Friday……FFS

I hate month end at work…..FFS

We have our fundraiser tomorrow night to raise money for our rides, so Dayna, Julie an I are hoping the 90 odd people that are gracing us with their presence have wallets full of dosh....No FFS
Have a good weekend people and you may even get a FFS all the way from Bali next week, if the WIFI stretches out to the pool and beer lounge……NO FFS

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  1. Still with us, Leitchy?!