Thursday, 15 August 2013

FFS.....Just a Bit Early

FFS Friday in Advance……

I have missed the last 2 FFS Fridays and was castigated for it by the lovely Sarah at our liquid lunch on Saturday.  So this one is being done on Thursday night simply because I will be travelling to Brisbane tomorrow morning and will not be able to do it. 

I dare not upset Sarah again…..FFS

Last weekend was finale weekend which we all look forward to every 3 months….No FFS

Every time we go anywhere, the wife stresses about everything from packing, having food for my mum to feed our kids, housework being done, etc……FFS

This means her stress becomes my stress, as much as I try to deflect or ignore it….FFS

I am asked to ensure I have reminded my mum at least 3 times of the weekend schedule and organized everything with her….FFS

How about you pick up the f..king phone and speak to her yourself so you know it is done…..FFS

I had to bag all the team clothing for my Ride to Conquer Cancer team so it could be sent out, but thankfully my mum is a whiz and helped out….No FFS

Julie came home and we had the obligatory wine which meant a late night…..FFS

Up early and out the door to the airport, in peak hour traffic and the rain…..FFS

Parked our car at a new car park, from a Groupon special which was quite funny but weird at the same time. Expected to come back and our car be on blocks….FFS

Got to the aiport, met up with Julie’s BFF Sarah and her husband Ben…..No FFS

Ben was a cracking guy, so at least I had someone to have a few beers with this weekend and talk shit….No FFS

Had to listen to Julie and her anxious whining on the plane before we even took off…..FFS

The flaps on the wings were moving as we moved backwards from the gate, to which Julie announces, what the f..k are they drilling for.  I asked her where she thought the guy was sitting, on the wing?  We are moving…. FFS

Sat on the tarmac for 45 mins being delayed due to high winds….FFS

Found out that Sarah and Ben were hiring a car and going to the Barossa.  Julie and I had been invited but Julie forgot to tell me, so no go. What is that......FFS

Then they go to Maggie Beers and post photos for us to see.....Massive FFS

Got to Adelaide late, but the lovely Julie Trait met us at the airport and drove us into town.  Now why did a Victorian have to meet us?  Where were all the croweaters?.......Huge FFS

Obviously they were trying to find a taxi to come and pick us up (more on that later)…..FFS

Got to the hotel in the dead quiet Hindley St, checked in and went to our room which was stuck in the 60’s.  Seriously thought I was in the series Mad Men…..FFS

Thanks to the lazy arsehole that works on cleaning the room as well for leaving a half eaten tub of ice-cream in our freezer….FFS

We went to get some lunch in the CBD.  Do you think they have cafes in Adelaide CBD.  What century is this…..Nothing FFS

Ended up having lunch at some place that wasn’t decided whether it was a bar, nightclub, restaurant, or pokie venue.  Struggling to get up with the times….FFS

Must add though that food was good and Coopers Lager was sublime…..No FFS

Went back into Rundle Mall and found a new shirt and jacket for the 2 functions we were attending.  Best part was I only had to pay 1985 prices…..No FFS

Found a BWS in Rundle Mall, so stocked up for the weekend…..No FFS

Went to room had a couple of drinks and then headed out to pre-finale drinks to meet the rest of the 12WBT gang…..No FFS

Had a blast catching up with old friends, meeting new ones and having the support crew come along for a drink and meet and greet as well.   No FFS.

Myself and Amelia Burton on Friday night.

Left the venue, with Julie’s heel spurs seriously hurting her. Tried to hail a taxi, but none to be seen in the CBD on a Friday night…..FFS

Had to walk to the hotel with Julie in pain (even if it was only 800m) it wasn’t nice to see….FFS

Hindley street was just warming up & I had forgotten it was Adelaide's version of Kings St or Kings Cross.....FFS

Up the next morning to meet the 30+ crew for breakfast in our hotel…..No FFS

Ran the 3.5km to the workout with my buddy Bec…..No FFS.

Nearly made her spew, even better……No FFS

Had an awesome time at the workout, catching up with even more people new and old…..No FFS

Went to have a liquid lunch, oh and the burger you see below, with some buddies and a few laughs….No FFS

Said Burger....Best burger in a while.

Tried to call a taxi to take us back to the hotel to rest and get ready for the finale……FFS

Do they have any taxis in this joint?  Called twice and still none turned up…FFS

Managed to hail a taxi out of the blue…..No FFS

Taxi company send us a message to tell us our taxi was on its way….Thanks….FFS

Dirty stinking taxi driver drops his guts whilst we are in it…….FFS

Met up with Ben for a couple of quiet beers and a chin wag whilst girls had make up done….No FFS

Went to party, had a blast. More beer, food, laughs, photos etc…..No FFS.

Can you see the Ugg Boots?

BFF Shenanigans

Julie wore her ugg boots under her dress for most of the night to relieve pain in her heel spurs, gave everyone a laugh…..No FFS

Everyone came back to our room afterwards, all eating KFC, Why did we do that…FFS

Sat with a couple of buddies in my room until 1:45am laughing and joking. Not good when you are up early the next morning….FFS

Caught flight home and had to listen to some dumb bitch arguing at top of her voice on plane because someone took her overhead luggage space…..FFS

Very busy and exciting week getting prepared to go to Brisbane tomorrow for my first ride of the year….No FFS

Sir Richard Branson sent us a message today via his Blog, Facebook and Instagram wishing us luck and urging people to donate to our cause.  We have been trying to get him to join us, but this is great…..No FFS

So there is it, a huge week and weekend. Had a ball in Adelaide even if it was like going back in time.  Have a great weekend and a huge week next week people.


  1. Excuse me I DIDN'T eat that KFC filth!!!!
    Love this post though LMAO over Julie & the drill still...

  2. Good luck with the ride! - No FFS?

  3. Thanks for this Greg PMSL, had the best time. Good luck this weekend we're thinkg of you xx