Friday, 13 July 2012

Down, Down, My Weights Going Down!!

Another Wednesday has come and gone and weekly weigh in has been completed.  A lot of people in the forums worry about Wednesday morning but for me it is the time where I get to see what the hard work during the week has rewarded me with.  Yes I know there will be a time (perhaps sooner than I hope for) that the scales will not be my friend, but that will still not be the time to worry or become negative as this is a journey that I am going to be taking for the rest of my life, not just a quick 12 week fix.
So Wednesday morning I jumped out of bed and followed the usual ritual prior to jumping on the scales.  My loss this week was only 1.2kgs, but that is still 1200grams that have disappeared and are never coming back.  I feel healthier, happier, and looking forward to the time when I no longer have to go to the Big Man part of any clothing store.
With this being said, the test is now to step it up this week and make sure that I have a decent loss now to get me back on track.  Our personal trainer is away tomorrow so the 4 of us will be going alone, but she has put together a killer circuit for us and this will form part of our SSS (Super Saturday Session) which I hope will help me scare off a few more unwanted morsels of fat.

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