Saturday, 21 July 2012

Very Proud Today!!!

This journey that I have decided to take is being done alongside my wife and we are assisting each other through support and feedback on all aspects, whether it be diet, exercise or mindset.  Whilst we have both had our moments, I would like to say that I believe we have been far more positive in our relationship since we started than we have been in the last 5 or so years.  This can only be attributed to our weight and mindset which has caused us both to be unhappy in our own skins.

Now, whilst I have been concentrating in this blog on my own little wins and some big ones as well, I have not mentioned a great deal about how my wife is travelling.  She has always been the sort of person that can be very determined when she wants to do something, but her issue is sticking to it.  She would say that it is probably me being a bad influence on her and I am sure she will comment here.  I must admit that she did extremely well on Weight Watchers for a long period of time, but openly admits she went off the rails and put it all back on.  Enough about the past anyway.  On her 12WBT journey she has been amazing.  Whilst she has not been able to exercise as much as myself due to her ankle injury sustained in a car accident a number of years ago, she has tried to do as much as she can.  This has caused her some angst as she has felt that she hasn't been able to do what Michelle has asked.

This in itself has caused her to have doubts over what she has been doing, BUT she has been amazingly good on the diet, even keeping me in check and she has even worked out her own little circuits at home, climbs the stairs at work in her breaks and walks to pick up the kids from school.  Add to this she has lost 11kgs in 7 weeks and is feeling amazing about herself and her journey.   Go you good thing!!!!

All of this is enough for me to be proud of here and the way she has changed her outlook and I can only thank her for joining up this program as it was her doing so that made me join as well.   The really big moment for me was this morning after our training session with our personal trainer.  We had just completed a circuit session which went for 30 minutes and I then decided that I wanted to do a little more before Julie had to go to work.

I went and grabbed our boxing gloves and pads and asked her if she wanted to continue when everyone left.  We then started to do some simple exercises which meant we would both have a turn and seemed easy enough.  During Julie's second round I asked her to do 3 times as many overhead punches as we had normally agreed.  I could see by the look on her face that she was not happy about this as we were only going to do 20 which is enough to have the shoulders and upper arms killing.  When she got to 35 I could see she was not happy and slowing rapidly.  She then proceed to smash out the next 25 punches with a totally different mindset and maybe a little anger. It was truly amazing and I don't know where it came from.

After this we then did a couple more rounds of jabs, overheads, uppercuts and hooks in sets of 50 punches.  This means that she managed another 400 punches in quick succession with a smile (maybe grimace) on her face.  I could see that she had realised that she needed to break a mental barrier and she pushed herself harder than I think she has in training since we have been on this program.  For me this is a huge step for her and I am so proud of my wife and she is going to smash the last 5 weeks of this program.  She has already signed up for round 3 and is looking forward to continuing, so look out for my sexy slim wife in Bali next March (maybe sporting a new bikini).

Well done Julie, you are a trooper, an inspiration, wonderful mother, workhorse and oh yeah an okay wife as well.

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